Sunfeast Nice Biscuits (150 gm)

Brand : ITC

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Sunfeast Nice Biscuits 150 g

Sunfeast Nice Biscuits 150 gSunfeast Nice Sugar Sprinkled Biscuits are delicious and crunchy. They offer a fine texture, which is crispy and the sweetness of the sugar crystal in the biscuits is well balanced. These classic sugar-sprinkled biscuits are all time favourite among the kids. You can enjoy them along with tea or coffee or milk as they make for great accompaniments during snack time. The taste of these cookies will linger on in your mouth to render a wonderful experience. Hygiene is maintained throughout the processing and packaging of the product to ensure freshness for long. So go ahead, buy Sunfeast Nice Sugar Sprinkled Biscuits online today!How to use:Serve Sunfeast Nice Sugar Sprinkled Biscuits in a bowl or just have it from the packet.Approx. Value per 100 gm of the product as follows:~ Energy 473 kcal~ Fat 16.9 gm~ Sugar 31.7 gm~ Carbohydrates 72.8 gm~ Protein 7.5 gmIngredients:Wheat Flour (50.5%), Sugar (24%), Edible Vegetable Oil, Edible Desiccated Coconut (4.8%), Invert Syrup, Milk Solids, Starch, Coconut Milk Powder, Raising Agents (Ins 503(ii), Baking Powder), Edible Common Salt, Emulsifiers (Ins 322, Ins 471) And Dough Conditioner (Ins 223). Contains Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (S) (Ins 102 & Ins 124) And Added Flavour (S) (Artificial Flavouring Substances- Coconut, Milk, Vanilla)


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