Pavizham Chakki Fresh Atta (Loose) (1 Kg)

Brand : Pavizyam

₹ 41.00 ₹ 45.00


Chakki Atta which is known as Indian wheat is highly proteinous and belongs to the aestivum (common wheat) variety used over the world for making flat breads like Roti, Puri, Naan and Chapati.

The wheat flour is grounded in stone mills called chakkis; chakki is a pair of stones, with one stationary and the other is rotating. The chakki atta is preferred to the roller mill atta due to texture and taste of the chapatti (flat bread of India).

Indian atta is very finely milled wheat mostly used for making flat breads. Stone grinding sufficiently breaks the starch thereby releasing extra sweetness, while burning it slightly to give an added flavor to Indian breads.

Chakki fresh atta simply means fresh flour out of the mill. So below we would be listing some meals where chakki fresh atta can be used and how they are used in recipes.


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