Dabur Honey, 50g Bottle (1 Nos)

Brand : Dabur

₹ 36.00 ₹ 37.00


Dabur Honey, in the net quantity of  500gms, is the purest honey as it is sourced from the Himalayas, the Sunderbans and the Nilgiris forests. This raw honey, then, goes through multiple checks, and is then filtered and cleaned of impurities such as the dust, wax, and pollen, for example.

Benefits of Dabur Honey

Strengthens the body’s immune system, thereby equipping the body to fight infections and diseases
Boosts the energy levels of the body
Effective in weight management
Effective blood purifier
Improves the quality of sleep
It is rich in anti-septic qualities
Can be used with a number of face packs
Rich in anti-bacterial properties, when used along with water, it acts as an effective mouthwash
Can be used a natural sweetener along with beverages such as tea, coffee


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