Bakers Whipping Cream Powder (50 gm)

Brand : Bakers

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Whipping cream mixes normally contains any of vegetable oil, sweeteners, flavours, stabilizers and emulsifiers. Once whipped it becomes light and fluffy and is used as a popular topping for fruit salads and desserts such as pie, ice cream, cupcakes, cakes, milkshakes, waffles and puddings. It is also served on coffee. It is also used as an ingredient in many desserts and as a filling for layer cakes.



Chilled Milk: 100ml
Bakers Whipping Cream


Take 100 ml of Milk (Chilled below 5 C) and mix the contents of Bakers Whipping Cream (50g) pack.(200ml for 100g, 1 litre for 500g and 2 litres for 1kg)
Whip this mixture with an electric blender for 3-4 minutes at maximum speed. In case of manual whipping whip it for 6-7 minutes.
Refrigerate for about 45 minutes and your whipping cream is ready to use as a topping.



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