Bakers Double Acting Baking Powder (100 gm)

Brand : Bakers

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Baking powder is a dry mixture of a carbonate or bicarbonate and a weak acid used as a leavening agent for increasing the volume and creating the texture of baked goods. It is used in the baking of cakes, breads and pastries.
Sodium bicarbonate (Baking soda) could be substituted for baking powder provided enough acid reagent is added to the recipe.




Flour  - 450 g
Bakers Baking Powder - 10g



Keep in a dry place. Use 10g for each 450 g of flour
Mix thoroughly with the flour in dry state by sifting flour and baking powder together, 2 or 3 times essentially.
In order to have the best velvety texture, volume and lightness the ready dough should immediately be put in the oven.


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